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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Design Leads? Get your questions answered below or by messaging our live chat.

Although we say it’s for website and funnel designers, this software is really for anyone who offers web services – SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Copywriting, and more. It puts you into contact with business owners who have just registered and purchased a new domain and are ready to start building their online business.

Design leads provides website designers with the hottest leads of all – business owners who just registered a new domain. 

Business owners who just registered a new domain have taken the first step to create a new website, and now just need someone to build it.

You’re given 32,000+ new leads every single day that you can download and use to upload to a Facebook Custom Audience to run ads to, import to a mail merging tool to cold email outreach your target clients, and even cold call and send direct mail.

Each day, about 80,000+ new domains are registered. Out of those 80,000, around 32,000 each day opt in to have their contact information made public. That means that every single day you’ll get 32,000+ new leads with their contact information.

To be honest, everything! You’ll get the user’s address, email address, phone number, and company of registration. That means you can use these leads for outreach methods such as Facebook Ads, Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, Direct Mailing, and more.

Yes! All the contact information you receive in each lead list is completely public information. These users opted in to have their contact information public when registering their domain, which allows us to give you lists full of hot leads every single day.

Yes you can! At any time you’d like you can cancel your subscription to Design Leads inside the dashboard.

Even if you cancel in the middle of a monthly pay cycle, you’ll still get complete access to Design Leads till the end of that period.

Ways to generate clients using Design Leads' contact lists:

Facebook Custom Audience

Upload your lead list to Facebook Custom Audience to start targeting your web design prospects with Facebook Ads

Cold Email Outreach

Use our lead lists to launch a targeted cold email outreach system that will bring clients on autopilot.

Direct Mail Outreach

You can even use the addresses and phone numbers in our lists to send direct mail and cold call your prospective clients.

Start Making More Money in Web Design

Get a complete lead list of all the new domains that have been registered, every single day. Download your first list by starting your free trial below.

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